An Example of Faithful Living

Daniel Minton, April 25, 2021
Sun Morning

An Example of Faithful Living

I. Tychicus: a faithful helper v. 7-8

II. Onesimus: faithful in humility v. 9

III. Aristarchus: faithful and loyal v. 10a

IV. Mark: finishing strong in faithfulness v. 10b

V. Justus: faithful in the kingdom mindset v. 11

VI. Epaphras: faithful in discipling v. 12-13

VII. Luke: faithful service v. 14

VIII. Demas: faithful to start, but not to finish v. 14

IX. Nymphas: faithful in hospitality v. 15-16

X. Archippus: faithfully trusted v. 17

XI. Paul: faithful in persecution v. 18

In this list of servants, several gifts are highlighted.

What has God gifted you with for the purpose of service?

If you name were appear on this list, what would it say about your faithfulness?