Pastor Daniel and his wife Joy are committed to serving the Lord faithfully in every aspect of their lives. Both were saved at a young age and they endeavor to continue their service in full time ministry.

Daniel received his Bachelors degree in Bible from Pensacola Christian College, his masters in Pastoral Counseling and then his Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary. Daniel has served as a youth pastor for 7 years and has a great heart for young people.

Daniel and Joy also spent four years on the mission field in Africa as church planters. During his time in Africa, in the country of Mozambique, a 16-foot crocodile attacked Daniel. Through many providential helps from God, Daniel not only escaped death, but also found God’s grace more than sufficient. The crocodile attack resulted in people immediately coming to Christ, but also transformed Daniel’s passion for service.

It is this same passion and desire for the name of God to be exalted that drives Daniel and Joy in their service here at Trinity. Daniel and Joy love the people of Trinity and feel privileged to serve the Lord here in Westfield, Indiana.

God has greatly blessed Daniel and Joy with four beautiful children: Abigail, Katherine, Karina, and Titus. They are seeking to bring up their children in a godly home, training their children to be obedient and loving disciples of Christ.